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Where do I find my SNIP-CART Ref?

You can find your SNIP-CART ref on top of your invoice that was emailed to you when you made your deposit payment - see below for an example.

What email address do I use?

The email address registered with us will be the same one where your invoice was sent to. Orders made with your email address will be grouped together.

The information you hold of me is incorrect?

If any information on your order is incorrect please let us know by email - as soon as possible.

Is it too late to change my measurements?

All costume orders are tailored-made therefore we would like it to fit you perfectly. Please email us directly and we can confirm whether your order can be adjusted or not.

It is showing the wrong outstanding amount?

If you believe the amount owed to us is incorrect please do let us know and we can look at all your payments and confirm accordingly.

It is not allowing me to pay?

We have been advised that a few have experienced a issue regarding the payment screen not being accessible and we are currently working on a fix to ease your purchasing experience. A temporarily fix to this problem can be by refreshing your page giving it a fresh reload or if the problem still persist this maybe due to the compatibility settings applied. Should that be the case, we suggest using a different browser i.e google chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the meantime. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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